Crafters, Friends and Movies

Today’s is crafter’s fair day at the church. Vendor’s have rented tables and the church as set up a bake table as well as a kitchen with lunch. It is always good to be at the church during these events as we get to see all the folks from around the neighbourhood who come by to visit and to offer support for this church in our great community.


We had a visit today from our friend Art Noseworthy from Barrie. He joined us a high class lunch at the crafter’s fair. It was so good to see him again and to spend some time with him, brief as it was. It is a great feeling to sit with those who have been an important part of your journey when your paths cross again. We met Art and his wife Janice and their kids Amanda and Carrie in CFB Borden when we lived there. The girls served at our wedding.  There has been much change in life for all of us from those days. The most

obvious change being Janice’s tragic death  over a year ago. We miss Janice a lot. Having Art with us and talking about her was good therapy for that sense of loss. Art was so kind to us. He bought Catherinanne and I some stepping stones for our gardens. Many thanks Art – you can be assured that we will now think of you daily as we are in that garden every day. Catherinanne will get to spend some more time with Art this summer in Borden. I just feel good to have reconnected.


It was a wonderful day today. It was sunny and warm and provided good opportunity for a BBQ and an evening walking in Reaume Park. Thanks to Steve and Sandy for a great dinner and a walk.  We are settling down for a movie and some popcorn. The movie is “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” You can check out he web page for this true story at  If you are interested in what Roger Ebert has to say about the film you can visit


In any event the lights are dimming. Bye for now.

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