Radio, Social Occassions & Church Growth


NOTE: Those who are used to tuning into CBC 1550 for “Jump Start Trivia” on Monday mornings you may have been dismayed this morning as it was a holiday. Don’t fret. It will air tomorrow morning at 6:40 AM. Tune in if in Windsor or listen live on line anywhere in the world at


We had a marvellous time at church yesterday – with great attendance at both liturgies especially for a long weekend. Jane was back yesterday as well which was exciting for all of us. Welcome back Jane – We missed you.

Yesterday was also a day of socials. We had a great time at Maureen Pasnik’s house. Many Thanks to you Maureen for your kind hospitality. It was a lovely brunch. I believe all who attended had a marvellous time. You can always count on a good party at Maureen’s house.


The evening brought a great birthday dinner for young Christopher Hornby. Chris turned 24 yesterday and we certainly enjoyed celebrating with him and with Lynne, Dave, Allyson, Enid and Brian. It was a great dinner, splendid company and a good occasion. We all love Chris and he brings a great deal of joy to all of our lives. Happy Birthday buddy. I look forward to many more Wednesdays with you and the Arby’s gang.


Today was a travel day for us. We had dinner with Catherinanne’s sister and her family. Chrim and Shawn and Julia and Sarah were great host and we were pleased to have time with them en route to Rochester. Thanks so much for dinner and for the tour.


I am looking forward to the next two days of learning. St. Mark’s is alive and it is growing. It is a Vital Congregation and we are at a place where growth for us not just something we are experiencing but it is as well the next natural step in our journey as a community. The prospect of the growth we see ahead of us means there is a lot of work to do. I want to be as well equipped for that part of our journey as I can. Alice Mann has done great work to help church leaders with the transition in parish size. Tomorrow I will meet this author of “Raising the Roof,” and I hope to glean as much wisdom from her as possible. The course that I am doing is sponsored by the Alban institute which is a hardworking body that is a wealthy resource to any church leader. You can visit their page at


You can learn more about Alice Mann’s book raising the roof by reading chapter one of at


Anyone who would like to read more can borrow a copy of her book from me at anytime.


Stay tuned to the blog for pearls of wisdom. Hopefully there will be tonnes of them!




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  1. Hi Revy Kevy, This is your long lost sister, Elaine. I am trying to do my own blog just out of curosity so that I prahaps can keep some type of journal for Jack to log onto while he is away. I have read some of your work and I am impressed. I thought that maybe yesterday you could have mentioned that your dear old sister had a Birthday!!!! 53 and still counting! I hope that you and Catherinneann are both well, it sounds like you are really busy. God Bless you both, I was only kidding about the birthday, It was an excuse to write to you! Love Elaine

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