On Missing Birthdays

Robert Frost is certainly one of my favourite poets. He was credited with saying, “A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.”


I am many things, yesterday I was not a diplomat. I missed my sister’s birthday. Now oddly enough, Elaine was on my mind yesterday – perhaps that is why. Maybe tucked away in the recess of my mind was that morsel of knowledge.


Elaine above all people deserves to have her birthday remembered. She is the one person who will always send a card or a note for every occasion. I learned a whole lot from each of my siblings. Elaine taught me the value of caring. She is also the one that everyone says … “Kevin, you look a lot like your sister.” And I say – “Thank you – she is a beautiful woman, and a wonderful person.”


So today I say today – late… “Happy Birthday Elaine.” You have a strong faith and great sense of love for those around you. I wish I could be there so that we could share a laugh, a hug and a story or two. No one will believe that you are 53. Like good wine, you only get better with age. There I go again, no diplomcy – I was supposed to forget her age wasn’t I. Maybe I cannot be fixed! I love you, Elaine!     (Elaine is the one on the right in the photo)

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