Today I Smell like dirt!


Lots of planting today – the gardens are looking good.

While we tilled the soil my mind was with all of you in NL who were at the funeral. I planted a Flowering Maple. This is a beautiful plant it will live in a planter outside in the summer and reside in my office in the winter. I baptised him – “Robert Plant”


It was a good way to spend the day while my mind was really elsewhere.

It is a glorious day here – the sunshine was lovely – we have had so much rain lately I almost forgot how great the sun is. In nay event I was warm, I was occupied, I was in the earth, I was in touch with the sacred and I was present with my family – even though I could not be there.


Cheers for now – gotta go water Robert Plant!

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  1. Kevin,  I have always thought it a marvelous idea to plant something and name it for someone who is gone.  Then every time you see the plant, you remember the person. They are always physically with you!

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