You shall know Him in the breaking of the bread.


Hospitality is a great gift to offer anyone. Catherinanne and I are the most happy recipients all too often of the hospitality of so many in this parish. We are grateful for all of the goodness and love shown to us both,


Eating together is one of the most intimate things that people can do. Tonight Catherinanne and I were guest of a couple in the parish who by request shall remain nameless. I’ll say this – Thank you God for people who are so generous of spirit and so hospitable.  We were fed and watered. The food was tremendous. We were invited into great conversation and dialogue and we were loved by a precious four legged girl named Sara.


Life is interesting. God brings us together to break bread. I believe that in the conversation and interchange – God is there. Across the table, in the toast, in the laughter and in the debate – God is there. I wonder if we realize that we are so capable of participating in the sacred.


As a kid in Newfoundland I so looked forward to Sunday Dinner – 12 Noon. It was not so much for the food (although it was the best – thanks Mom) as it was for the act itself. We were all together. My brothers and sisters and their families would all be present. We would laugh and we would argue. We would joke and we would challenge. We would celebrate and sometimes we would weep – or at least I should say I would weep! No matter what happened there in the midst of the breaking of the bread there was a great sense of the holy. I’m not sure that I saw that at the time but I certainly see it now.


Tonight, as is true so many nights, I was reminded of how God is present in the breaking of the bread. Thank you to our hosts – you have a great spirit of love and hospitality.

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