Yesterday was a Very Moving Day

Community is so important. This was so very evident at the funeral of Senior Constable John Atkinson. I was there in my capacity as chaplain to the Windsor Essex EMS. Catherinanne was also there in her capacity as chaplain to HMCS Hunter. We were honoured to be there. It was impressive to see the fraternity among the police services. There were police present from all over the continent. The funeral was touching and the words of tribute brought by elected officials as well as Atkinson’s friends and colleagues were very moving. Most touching was standing in the long honour guard which ran from the St. Denis Centre to Crawford Avenue – three people deep. The bagpipes and drums were very stirring.  


God has a way of moving among us in community. God was very present in the midst of pain and grief yesterday. I was touched to see the love expressed in this community. I was pleased to see a young widow and two young children who have lost a dad being embraced and cared for. If God is present in the midst of love – Windsor was radiant with the divine yesterday. I was pleased to be among those who could be present.


I also saw community in an academic setting yesterday. We raced from Windsor to London yesterday. I was pleased to have John Anderson and Janet Forster with me to present a scholarship for Christian leadership for a person studying for ordination at Huron University College. We were also joined by Jean Anderson, Catherinanne, and Jean Anderson. This year’s recipient was Jessica Worden. We are very proud of this scholarship. It is our parishes attempt to take some ownership in raising up young leaders for ordination. I am always happy to be back at Huron and I always get drawn back to what it was to be a part of that community. I see year after year the sense of excitement among those who are graduating with their Master of Divinity. I hope and pray that all of that excitement translates into powerful and progressive ministry.

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