Chicago Monster Pizza

We are in Aurora, IL for a wedding tomorrow. We have a great hotel. Things are good. On our wedding night – 10 years ago, we went back to the hotel and we were so hungry and exhausted that we ordered pizza and root beer and sat on the bed and enjoyed a lunch and collapsed asleep with exhaustion.


Aside from the sleeping and exhaustion we decided tonight to recreate the moment. We ordered something called Chicago Monster Pizza – Deep Dish. Had no idea what we were getting. Thank God for root beer. It was excellent pizza – but killer to my diet. The toppings – all 11 of them were piled about 2.5 inches high. A wild pizza. One slice was more than any one sane person could handle.


Any way…we just finished our supper of HUGE pizza. We are full. I think a nap may soon be in order.  

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  1. Yes, I wrote the piece.  I used to write lots of stuff but got out of the stream a little bit.  This blog thing is catching and a convenient place to park thoughts.  Cool.  I love Chicago Pizza.  There was a place Ed and I went years ago that was great.  Can\’t remember it beyond that it was on the lower level and near the Contemporary Art Museum. Enjoy!

  2. Ok Kevin, eat up, waste not want not!  hehe
    I wouldn\’t have been able to eat that either. Yuk!

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