Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary. It is hard to believe that 10 years have gone by. I am grateful to Catherinanne for so many things – not the least of which is her patience with me. She is a great gift to love. I am so pleased to have someone in my life who is so supportive and who loves so much and so many. It was a great day 10 years ago and it will be a great day today.


We were married at St. Peter’s cathedral in London, ON. We had an Anglican and a Roman Catholic priest, we had an Anglican and a Roman Catholic Choir, we had an Anglican and a Roman Catholic Choir master, and we had an ecumenical liturgy in every way. The music was brilliant – violin, organ, and trumpet. We were married at night and Catherinanne and I went to dinner together before the wedding at Ahso Gardens (sadly destroyed by fire recently). Steak and Lobster if I remember it right. I remember that I was a little nervous and could not finish it. We then drove to the church and greeted all who cam at the back before we started. It was a great day – my sisters Helen and Elaine were at the wedding and participated in the liturgy. My eldest brother James was in the bridal party and his wife Clara travelled to the wedding with him. My best bud Craig came from Newfoundland and was my Best Man. Mom and Dad were there and it was great to see them riding in a limousine.  I say today – 10 years later Thank you so much to my family who were able to travel to the wedding. It made it that much more special for me. Of course all of Catherinanne’s family were there and were so supportive in every way and it was great to bring our families together.


While the day itself is a great memory, what is really gratifying is the memories since that day. Last night we began our Anniversary celebration. We were out to see Great Big Sea. We were in good company with Mark and Sally Charlton, and her sister Nancy O’Reilly and her Friend Byron – A Great dancer I discovered. What a marvellous concert. Thank you to Mark and Sally for a great time. Thank you also, Nancy and Byron for your generosity and hospitality. The concert was excellent. I was primed for it as well. Having just come back from Newfoundland a week ago and having just have the whole parish led by our great choir serenade me with “She’s a Rocky Isle in the Ocean” a wonderful Newfoundland ballad by another great group -0 Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. We hardly sat all night and my hands are sore from all the clapping.


We have plans made for tonight and we will celebrate with a relative on Catherinanne’s side of the family a wedding tomorrow. Marriage is a great sacrament. It is not always easy, it takes work and it is a spiritual exercise. Marriage is so good though. I cannot imagine living this journey without my partner. Thank you Catherinanne – I Love you!


Enjoy these photo’s…yes that’s me…and yes I’m trying to get back to that size!