A Late Sunday Note


Today we welcomed Sadie and Zachary into the Christian community. It was a wonderful celebration and I hope in the days ahead to be able to upload a photo or two to show you all. I was so happy to have Fr. James Murray, Great Uncle to Zachary assisted in today’s liturgy and baptised Zachary. He was a delight to work with and I enjoyed every minute of his company. It was a great gift to have a Roman Catholic and an Anglican celebrating baptism together. I offer my thanks to him for his participation today. He is indeed a holy man and brought great dignity to our liturgy today.


We missed Jane today at church. She has taken off for China. We wish her all the best and loo forward to her many stories upon her return. It is great really that the world has become so much easier to navigate. The world is getting smaller.


Say a prayer for Darfour. The situation there is critical. I am saddened that life there seems not to be valued the same way as life here in North America. Pray for creative solutions to difficult issues. Pray for generosity from all of us in positions of privilege. Today I was enraptured with two beautiful children. Tonight I am shocked that so many their age are dying from of all things a lack of food and clean water. Pray that we might make new ways to share the wealth of the nations.

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