A Great Trip Indeed.

 Well it is back to work. That’s right work. Despite what Leanne say Uncle Kevy does wuuurk. It was good to get back to our bed last night and back to the routine. I am always happy to go to Newfoundland and I am always happy to get back to Windsor when I return.


There was so much going on I did not even get to blog. Rest assured though the blog is back. A quick recap of the week:



I had a day on “the hill.” – George’s Hill that is. I had my Mother’s Pea Soup for Dinner (Noontime meal). That is among my favourite food. But that was just the start of the day. The evening brought about the real fun.  I had the most wonderful surprise party. It was such a wonderful thing that my family did for me. Catherinanne worked so hard to make sure I did not know. It was a wonderful night. The big highlight was seeing my buddy Craig Martin who came in from Halifax for the big night. The food was great, my family was the best, the children are adorable and a good time was had by all. Departed the party at 1:30 AM



It is always fun to be at a Newfoundland wedding. My nephew Adam and his wife Lisa were wonderful and they had a great wedding, it would have been nice if we could have had a little sun and warmth, but hey who can control the weather. In fact, the rehearsal party was Friday night, and some of us drove through snow to get there. Lloyd and Jackie were wonderful host and we had a real good old Newfoundland laugh at Lloyd’s house on Friday night. The wedding at the church was great, the dinner and the speeches were excellent. Roger (my eldest nephew) was emcee and he shone. He has such a tremendous sense of humour and really drove it home in that role. We left the wedding at 2:15 AM. There were still lots of people partying when we left. Partying even though it was “the day the music died.” – (Inside joke for those who were at the wedding).


Painful Moments

There were some painful moments on the trip as well. It was tough to see how our little darlings have changed. Along with that it is difficult to see the toll that those changes are exacting on those who care for them. Yet it was good to be with them. I felt fortunate to have every minute with all of them. We had special time with Leah and Joy who brought such joy to our day on Thursday. “That” was wonderful. All I can say more about that is – Every hug was precious. I also have a great reminder on my desk of my big sister – It is a Willow Tree Figurine entitled Sister and Brother – “Celebrating an enduring friendship and love”


I also visited Robert Harnum. Robert is dying with cancer. He and his brother were raised by my Dad from the very young ages, like 8 and 9 after they were orphaned over 60 years ago. As I was travelling up in the elevator at the hospital I became keenly aware that it would have to be goodbye. I may yet be wrong, but it is not likely that we will see each other again. We had a good visit, but it really hurt to say goodbye.


Till Next Time

Speaking of saying goodbye, it was hard parting from Mom and Dad this time as well. This is not to saying that parting is ever easy. My Grandmother used to say “meeting is pleasure but parting is sorrow.” That came to mind this time as we all found it hard to say goodbye, so long, farewell or even see ya later.


I am so glad we were in Newfoundland – for the pleasure and the sorrow.

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