We just enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the expedia.ca lounge at Terminal 1 at Pearson. It was healthy and enjoyable and we are in anticipation of a great time over the next few days. I can hear the good Newfoundland music in my head.


I had an interesting start to the day. My name was flagged as a security risk and the flight desk had to call it in and verify all of my particulars.  


Going home is always very exciting and today is no different. I think these are good times to remind ourselves of how we need to be grateful. Lots of times in prayer, we use the “shopping list” approach, as if we were praying to the God of A & P. Dear God help me with…Dear God can you please fix….Dear God I would like help getting….Dear God can you….etc. Today I prayed in such gratitude for so many things. I had my shopping list as well. There are a lot of people who need a lot of prayers and I pray for them daily. But I also give thanks daily. It is harder some days than others to be thankful. Today it is real easy for me to be thankful. I have a few days off, I am with my beautiful wife, I just had a great meal, and I am not long from seeing my family and drinking in some of my native culture.


We need to clear security again soon (I should be thankful for that as well I guess), so I will sign off. It is a beautiful clear day….I love flying.