Good Friday

Today’s liturgy is really something special. I love the fact that we take the time to in solemnity mark this most painful day in the church’s year. It is particularly special in our parish. We celebrate without lights and without accompaniment for the hymns.


As we sang When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, I felt chills. It was very moving and very stirring. This parish church is usually so very full of noise and commotion week to week. It was particularly moving to walk into the church this day and for it to be silent.


We can tolerate the agony of today because of the promise of tomorrow. We realise that we have been given a gift, albeit a painful one. God’s sacrifice is for us in order that world might be saved.


I am so pleased and proud to be a part of such a liturgically rich church community at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. I will walk softly through Good Friday and look forward to the joy and celebration of the Easter Vigil tomorrow evening. Join us at 9 PM!

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