Some days are harder than others.

Today I was present with a family who said their final farewell to a wonderful man. The words of love offered by his family and his minister were very moving and very inspiring. I was honoured take part in this great celebration of life. I was also pleased to meet a minister who so very clearly loves the people of her parish, and in turn is deeply revered and loved by those same people. It is hard to watch those you care about weep in mourning and pain. Yet in their farewell there was a great sense of peace and hope. In their farewell the spirit was so very present.  


I was also present to a family who were with their love as she courageously passed from life to death.  This woman had shown great strength in her battle with cancer. We prayed together and there was great peace in the moments after her death. In a couple of days they too will say their final farewell. Already in the early hours of this morning in their farewell, the spirit was so very present.


I have been with two families today who are living their Good Fridays. Each of these servants in their own special way have left their fingerprint of love and hope. Hopefully in the midst of living the Good Friday moments, these families were able in some way to see the reflection of Easter Sunday. Hopefully all of us trying to be present to that grief showed a refection of the resurrection. We are a people of the resurrection. Please pray for all who mourn today, that we all be carried from our Good Fridays to the Joy of Easter Sunday.

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