Hurry. . . . Haaarrrrrd!

Hurry. . . . Haaarrrrrd!


Yesterday was one magnificent day indeed. Church was, as always, alive and great with good numbers and good community. The real sense of community came out in the afternoon when we had our first ever bonspiel. We all assembled at Beachgrove to curl. It was quite an event. We had over 30 curlers and another 20 or so spectators.


At one point I was confused with figure skating and did a couple of triple axles …except I did not land them. I was not alone in slipping and falling. We had a couple of people go down on the ice. One woman is a little on the banged up side. She is in a lot of pain and I pray that she is feeling better soon.


I have three really good bruises for my folly yesterday and I used muscles that I did not know I had. I must confess that I am stiff this morning. I won’t be surprised next Sunday is half the congregation is bandaged or limping to church.


The mishaps aside this was a great day For St. Mark’s. We had all age groups participate and there was a real sense of joy and laughter in the group. We were being church at the curling rink. Four sheets of ice filled with fun, fellowship and freestyle skating….a great day for the parish. One thing is for certain I am no Brad Gushue and Catherinanne is no Colleen Jones. Yet we both really enjoyed ourselves and Catherinanne really caught on well.


Got photos … want them posted…email them to me!

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