Good News – Bad News Plus other Stuff


This morning’s walk was great. A Little warm as it was 15 C at 7:30 AM but it was wonderful. Couple of things happened. I saw the same police cruiser twice this morning. I was wondering weather or not they were following up on the guy that was walking on the shoulder instead of the sidewalk yesterday. There was not direct encounter between police and pedestrian today. Most creative license plate I saw today – SNOW H8ER. I thought there might be a few of those in NL right now. The buds are coming out on the trees. I have one in particular I walk right beneath each morning and it is wonderful to watch the progression. We will soon have leaves. It will soon be real warm! Gotta love spring in spring!


Good News – Bad News

Bad news – I desperately need to lose 50 Pounds.

Good news – I have 16 gone.

Bad news – I’ve got 34 more to go.

Good news – I am determined.



There is a great Restaurant downtown called Chanosos.

Go to 

I love the place and the food is healthy…I think! I had lunch there today and it was excellent. What was best about it? The company. I got to enjoy lunch with my wife Catherinanne who is back after some time on a course. What I really like is you can make the stir-fry as hot as you like from 1-10. For those out there who are familiar with the place. I order a 6!


Hospital Visiting

I also got to visit a couple of people in hospital today. Each trip in there is a great moment to be present with someone. In each case today there was no doubt that there was no doubt that it was the right place for me to be. The hospital can be a lonely place sometimes.



I am lucky enough that my lunch date has agreed to go to a movie with me. We are uncertain what we will see yet but perhaps a little later I can let you know and offer a review.  

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