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April 2006

A Church Estranged From Humanity

  A Church Estranged From Humanity   Hear the words of Archbishop Oscar Romero.   Christ became a man of his people and his time:   He lived as a Jew,   he worked as a labourer of Nazareth,   and since then he continues to... Continue Reading →

Writing and Radio

 Writing can be a true spiritual discipline. Writing can help us to concentrate, to get in touch with the deeper stirrings of our hearts, to clarify our minds, to process confusing emotions, to reflect on our experiences, to give artistic... Continue Reading →

A Great Trip Indeed.

 Well it is back to work. That’s right work. Despite what Leanne say Uncle Kevy does wuuurk. It was good to get back to our bed last night and back to the routine. I am always happy to go to... Continue Reading →

Holy Surprise

I had the greatest Birthday Party last night and I had no idea it was happening. It was wicked....we had a great whole family was at nephew Roger's and all yelled surpirse and dang Happy birthday. It was so... Continue Reading →

Pea’s Soup for the Clergy’s Soul!

Well today is the day. This is the first birthday I have had in Newfoundland since 1994. We are having a good day. I walked this morning in awful rain. It was pouring and blowing. But I did get in... Continue Reading →

And they’re off!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALANNAH   We just enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the lounge at Terminal 1 at Pearson. It was healthy and enjoyable and we are in anticipation of a great time over the next few days. I can... Continue Reading →

A Great Easter Day

A Great Easter Day   I begin today with a math word problem for Mark Charlton, and all of the kids in math classes out there. Here goes;   An Anglican Priest takes up walking for a Lenten discipline. In... Continue Reading →

This is the Feast of the Victory of our God

Easter is wonderful! Last nights Easter vigil was amazing. There was good attendance and a wonderful sense of worship and celebration. I was pleased to have The Rev'd Sue Paulton join us in the liturgy. She added a special dignity... Continue Reading →

The Great Easter Vigil – The Super Bowl of the Church’s Year

  What a difference a day can make. Today I was witness and participant as we transformed the church from a dark tomb to a fragrant, vibrant, colour-filled garden of resurrection and new life.   The ladies of the chancel... Continue Reading →

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