Yesterday I took my vehicle to the Body Shop. A couple of weeks ago somebody decided to key my van. I really was upset when I saw it. The van is not a year old and I really love the thing. On top of it all it appears to have happened in the church parking lot. I am puzzled at why people do such things.


Today when I discovered that this senseless act of random violence will cost us nearly $500, I flipped again. I really was afraid it was not going to "buff out." Turns out it is a deep gouge and will requires some painting and blending to the front fender and rear door. This is all very disconcerting. I am just terribly confused – why do people people engage in this behaviour? There has to be something better to do with time then damaging someone’s property.


In any event it is just a car and it can be fixed. It is annoying that’s all. I hope the fool who did it enjoyed it because I sure am not enjoying one second of this.


In the meantime life marches on and there is much more than that to worry about. It is really nothing a little make-up can’t cure.