Free at Last

Free at last. I have been praying daily, as have so many for our Canadian Hostages held in Iraq. I was awakened this morning by the news of their freedom. What great news indeed. I was so saddened a couple of weeks ago when their American colleague Tom Fox was found dead. These people were on a mission of peace that took great courage. I wrote a few days back about wilfully taking up a cross and heeding the call that those who want to save their life will loose it. Yesterday I quoted Mandela in his assertion that we all need to make a difference. We should be very heartened by people like Canadians James Loney, and Harmeet Singh Sooden, as well as with Briton Norman Kember, and American Tom Fox (R.I.P). These folks knew well what it meant o take up the cross. It is a wonderful gift to all who have prayed that these men are free. For their families this has to be such a relief and such a load removed. These men have already lived their Good Friday and today is their Easter Sunday!


While Catherinanne and I do not know him, Jim Loney did some work for Catherinanne at the University campus a couple of years back. He is devoted and excited about proclaiming peace and by all accounts the students at the University really were drawn to him. We all look forward to hearing in the next days from Jim and from his two peers. Let’s pray in thanksgiving for their release and in thanksgiving for those who secured their release.

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