A Close Call

Today I nearly caused a bad accident. I was being impatient behind a guy who decided to not turn right on the red but to chat with his friend in the truck sitting next to him in the left lane. I laid on the horn … twice. That caused him some distress. I cursed under my breath. Because he was distracted he moved ahead and turned. Trouble is he did not check to see what was coming. Thankfully the truck barrelling down the road was able to avoid him…all the while sounding its horn. I nearly spit up my heart watching all of this unfold. There was no accident…everyone is fine. But I was being an idiot…or as they say in Greespond Hidiot! Where was I in such a rush to get to? The Funeral Home. A little patience would not be such a bad thing. I really do need to slow down some days. We are all in too big of a rush to get places.


To the guy out there somewhere that I went ape on today…sorry!

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