Cold, Sunny, Dogs, Tea


Mornings are interesting indeed. I’m not long returned from my walk. A couple of quick thoughts…


First it is very cold today -3 C and a little colder with the wind chill. Walking down Riverside by the Lake afforded me chance to see some whitecaps on the water. Made me kind of nostalgic for Newfoundland. But then again I realized that it really had not the same feel or taste or smell as the wind off the water in NL. No brine whatsoever! Who knows what was really in the water to make it smell…it was definitely not sea salt! 


While it was a little cool it is brilliantly sunny this morning. It seems to me that sunshine is great remedy for many ills. It would be fair to say that I forgot about the cold air very quickly when I was able to focus on the wonderful sunlight.


I am totally fascinated by how many people have dogs and how much fecal matter they produce. I was witness to no les than four of the four-legged creatures being walked by two-legged creatures carrying Sobey’s bags. It is an interesting reflection on life when you see people in expensive exercise gear, with the expensive dog, picking up dog crap and putting the bag in the pocket to return it home. Don’t get me wrong I am delighted that the messy goop is not left in my path. I just think that it is a wild sight for those of us who grew up in more rural realities. I was taken back to a conversation my nearly 90 year old Dad and I had when he was last visiting and witness this urban activity of "scoop after poop."  "Never thought I’d see a man pick up Dog s*$#! and put it in his pocket!" Well life is strange sometimes…but my Reebok’s thank all the scoopers out their for their diligence.


I can say with a great deal of honesty that I really love tea. I love everything about it really. Halfway through my walk I get a tea at Tim’s. When I return home I have another. On my walk, drinking my tea… my thoughts were really about how right things are. In fact I am going to go enjoy some tea right now! Right on!


It was a great walk…now on with the rest of the day

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