“Spiritual Exercise” Interupped by Local Law Enforcement.

  This news bulletin just in from “the Un-Associated Press”   At Approximately 7:38 AM on Thursday, March 30, 2006 a man was stopped in St. Clair Beach by the local law enforcement agency. The man reportedly was… Read More

Shall Not Walk Alone

Each week in Lent we have been having a special Vespers prayer service or service of evening prayer. The form of that prayer is from a different tradition or place each week. This is an attempt o open… Read More

Markus Has Gone to Work

  In January our parish adopted a motion at its’ annual meeting giving me a mandate to strake a Parish Growth Task Force which I called The Markus Committee. Why you ask? For those of you who know… Read More

A Scratch in Time

Yesterday I took my vehicle to the Body Shop. A couple of weeks ago somebody decided to key my van. I really was upset when I saw it. The van is not a year old and I really… Read More

“You never know what your gonna get”….Gump

  Sunday was a real treat at church. There was a lot of energy there. There was nothing special about the day other than we had a great turnout and there was a lot of community in the air,… Read More

Abide with Me Fast Falls the Eventide

Time for bed now. Tomorrow is another day. A good nights rest would be good but I sometimes struggle with sleep. I hope that tonight will be different. Tomorrow I have a funeral for a woman who battled… Read More

Free at Last

Free at last. I have been praying daily, as have so many for our Canadian Hostages held in Iraq. I was awakened this morning by the news of their freedom. What great news indeed. I was so saddened… Read More

Let Your Light Shine Before Others

  Last night we had our book study group at the church. The book is entitled  Messy Spirituality and is written by Michael Yaconelli. It is a wonderful book … if you are near a book store in the… Read More

A Close Call

Today I nearly caused a bad accident. I was being impatient behind a guy who decided to not turn right on the red but to chat with his friend in the truck sitting next to him in the… Read More

Strength or Weakness

Lately I have been reflecting on human suffering, pain and weakness. It is obvious that many people are adverse to pain, adverse to not just their own pain or suffering but adverse to other’s pain and suffering as… Read More


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